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Who is Ramone Malik Hill? Bio, Early life, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Personal life, Family and More

On April 15, 1998, Ramone Malik Hill came into the world. He did this in the lively city of Los Angeles, California, which was full of creativity and vitality. Rocko, a well-known rapper and producer, was his father, and he was born into a musically illustrious family. 

Ramone’s father, who immersed him in the music business from a young age, sparked his love of music. On the other hand, Ramone didn’t just want to be a musician because of his family; he also had a natural talent and a deep love of music that made him want to start his own business at a young age.

Who is Ramone Malik Hill?

Ramone Malik Hill’s name reverberates throughout the American music scene, not only due to his own achievements but also because of his distinguished lineage in the rap and hip-hop realm. Born to the esteemed rapper Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., better known as Rocko, Ramone inherits a legacy of musical excellence. Ramone’s life becomes the subject of public interest as he grows up with his stepmother, the famous American singer Monica Denise Arnold. 

The purpose of this article is to shed light on his personal journey while also shedding light on the many facets of his story and the connections he has with his famous parents. Ramone is determined to forge his own path in life, combining his unique talents with his inherited love for music, despite being immersed in the music industry from a young age. His journey is one of resilience and self-discovery as he navigates the expectations placed on him and tries to create his own identity in the spotlight despite the allure of his family’s legacy. Notwithstanding the heaviness of his experience, Ramone’s story is tied in with embracing uniqueness, bit by bit, as he catches the creative mind of crowds with his unmistakable beat and style.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Bio

Born and bred in Atlanta’s vibrant Zone 6, Rocko, with his December 28, 1979 birth, excelled in academics and athletics at Douglass High School. Although his musical breakthrough came with 2003’s “Self-Made,” highlighted by the hit “Umma Do Me,” his success continued with subsequent albums like “Rocko Dinero” (2006). Beyond music, Rocko showcased his charm and acting skills in films like “ATL” and “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” as well as TV appearances on “The Game” and “Entourage.” With a net worth nearing $2 million, Rocko’s journey reflects not just musical talent but also business acumen and versatility in entertainment.

Early life and childhood

Ramone Malik Hill made his debut in the United States on November 3, 1995. This marked the beginning of a new era for his father, Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., who is well-known worldwide. as Rocko in the music industry. While Ramone’s father’s identity is well-established, details about his biological mother are somewhat unclear. Ramone’s parents had already separated when he was just five years old, and since then, he has predominantly been under the guidance of his father, traversing life’s journey hand in hand.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Age 

On May 21, 2005, Ramone Malik Hill was born, marking the beginning of his journey. Starting around 2024, he remains at 18 years of age, ready at the limit of adulthood. As time passes, Ramone proceeds to develop and develop, embracing the encounters and difficulties that shape his way ahead. He carries the lessons he has learned and the goals that drive his dreams with him as he navigates life’s complexities. Ramone is ready to take on new challenges and figure out who he is in the world in the future.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Height

While the rapper Rocko’s official height hasn’t been publicly disclosed, it’s widely believed among those close to him that he stands at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches, roughly equivalent to 1.778 meters. Additionally, there’s speculation that his weight exceeds 80 kilograms, though Rocko himself hasn’t confirmed these details publicly.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Education

Ramone Malik Hill attended the University of Southern California to pursue his interests in engineering and music production. After graduation, he swiftly entered the industry, landing a role at Rocko Records, his father’s label, as a music producer and engineer. Not confined to technical roles, Ramone’s songwriting talent also flourished, with many of his compositions featured on his father’s albums. His swift ascent from student to professional is a testament to his skill and dedication, inspiring others in the music business.

Family Background

Ramone Malik Hill entered the world as the child of Rocko and Tanya Hill, surrounded by familial love and warmth. Growing up, he shared close bonds with his siblings, including his brother Ajden and sister Jasmine. Ramone also found joy in his role as an uncle to his brother’s children, Jaxon and Jazmine, relishing the special connections within his extended family.

In his own household, Ramone embraced the role of husband to Ashley, with whom he shared a deep and abiding love. Together, they welcomed two precious children, their son Ramone Jr. and daughter Rayne, who brought boundless joy and fulfillment into their lives. Ramone cherished the moments spent with his family, finding immense pride and happiness in their presence.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Siblings

Ramone and his two half-siblings have a special bond because of his father’s relationship with Monica Denise Arnold. Both of his half-brothers, Rodney Ramone Hill III and Romelo Montez Hill, are younger than him. Romelo was born in 2008, and Rodney was born on May 21, 2005.. This special connection underscores the importance of family in Ramone’s life, as he navigates the complexities of sibling relationships and cherishes the bonds forged with his younger brothers.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Career

Ramone embarked on his professional journey at Rocko Audio Recordings, his father’s esteemed record label, where he assumed the roles of both an engineer and music producer. Immersed in the creative hub of the studio, he honed his technical skills while also demonstrating a remarkable flair for songwriting. Ramone’s songwriting abilities quickly gained recognition, with several of his compositions earning placements on his father’s albums. 

Beyond his contributions behind the scenes, Ramone’s multifaceted involvement underscored his versatility and invaluable contributions to the label’s musical output. His journey from a budding engineer to a prolific songwriter within the familial musical legacy stands as a testament to his talent and dedication in shaping the soundscape of Rocko’s productions.

Father’s career

When Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., better known by his stage name Rocko, started his musical career in 1999, he faced a lot of obstacles. Rocko worked behind the scenes as a writer and producer, putting his all into making hits but never finding success. Despite his undeniable talent, he struggled to get noticed and felt like he was always being overlooked. In any case, as opposed to capitulating to overcome, Rocko graphed his own course by establishing Rough Street Records — a striking move that would eventually rethink his direction. Albeit full of hazard, this act of pure trust demonstrated extraordinary, catapulting Rocko into the spotlight he had long looked for. Rocko’s perseverance paid off through unwavering determination and pure talent, securing his place in music history.

Net worth

Rocko’s flourishing rap career contributed to a significant increase in his bank account between 2022 and 2023. At 44, he’s amassed significant abundance through collection deals, visits, supports, and adroit speculations. Rocko’s long-lasting influence and financial prowess are demonstrated by his strategic financial moves, which include property acquisitions and other ventures. Rocko remains a powerhouse in the entertainment industry.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Personal life

Unlike many celebrity children, Ramone keeps his personal life a secret. Since there are no known public relationships, his romantic status is still unknown. Whether he is concentrating solely on himself and his career or keeping a special someone’s secret is the subject of speculation. Ramone’s strange energy just adds to his appeal, leaving fans inquisitive about what’s truly happening in the background.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Relationship

Rocko keeps his romantic life private, with no evidence of any public relationships as of February 1, 2024. Despite his reserved nature, speculation lingers about a potential special someone. In 2010, he founded A1 Recordings, a label that launched the careers of Atlanta talents, including Future. Hits like “U.O.E.N.O.” in 2013 solidified his influence in the music scene.


  • Ramone Malik Hill was born on April 15, 1998, in Los Angeles, California.
  • His father is Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., also known as Rocko, a prominent rapper and producer.
  • Ramone has a deep love for music and a natural talent, which led him to pursue a career in the music industry.
  • He attended the University of Southern California to study engineering and music production.
  • Ramone started his professional journey at Rocko Audio Recordings, his father’s record label, where he worked as both an engineer and music producer.
  • He has demonstrated remarkable songwriting abilities, with several of his compositions featured on his father’s albums.
  • Ramone maintains a private personal life, and details about his relationships are scarce.
  • He has siblings from his father’s relationship with Monica Denise Arnold, including Rodney Ramone Hill III and Romelo Montez Hill.


Who is Ramone Malik Hill?

Ramone Malik Hill is the son of rapper and producer Rocko, known for his contributions to the American music scene.

What is Ramone’s profession?

Ramone is involved in the music industry, working as an engineer, music producer, and songwriter at his father’s record label.

Where did Ramone attend university?

Ramone studied engineering and music production at the University of Southern California.

What is known about Ramone’s personal life?

Ramone keeps his personal life private, and details about his relationships are not publicly known.

Who are Ramone’s siblings?

Ramone has half-siblings from his father’s relationship with Monica Denise Arnold, including Rodney Ramone Hill III and Romelo Montez Hill.


The famed rapper and producer Rocko’s son, Ramone Malik Hill, has left behind a musical legacy of excellence. Ramone began his career in the music industry at a young age, having been born into a family with a rich musical heritage. He has shown resilience and determination to forge his own path in the industry despite the weight of his family’s legacy. Ramone’s abilities as an architect, music maker, and lyricist have in short order earned respect, with a few of his structures highlighted on his dad’s collections. His versatility and invaluable contributions to the family’s musical legacy are highlighted by his dedication to his craft and commitment to shaping Rocko’s productions’ soundscape. While insights concerning his own life stay private, Ramone keeps on enamoring crowds with his exceptional beat and style, leaving fans inquisitive about his continuous excursion at the center of attention.

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