Busta Rhymes Net Worth

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As of June 2024, Busta Rhymes has normal absolute resources of around $20 million. He is notable all around the world as a rapper, entertainer, and record maker.

All through the long haul, Busta Rhymes has moreover transformed into a plain image, influencing various skilled workers with his obvious style and stirring them to embrace practically identical style choices.

Busta Rhymes Net Worth

Busta Rhymes, an American rapper, brags a total assets of $20 million and is one of hip-jump’s most notorious figures. Known for his lightning-quick rap style and complex verses, he has procured 11 Grammy designations all through his profession. Past music, he has additionally made progress as an entertainer.

His excursion in the music business started in the last part of the 1980s with the East Coast hip-jump band Heads of the New School. In any case, it was his performance profession that brought him global notoriety. His presentation solo collection, “The Coming,” delivered in 1996, highlighted the hit single “Charm Hah!! Got All of you Under control.” 

Busta’s fast fire verses and enthusiastic music recordings turned into his brand names. His resulting collections, “When Everything Goes horribly wrong… ” (1997) and “E.L.E. (Annihilation Level Occasion): The Last World Front” (1998), established his status in the hip-bounce world with hits like “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” and “What’s It Going to Be?!” highlighting Janet Jackson.

During the 2000s, Busta proceeded with his prosperity with collections, for example, “Beginning” (2001) and “The Enormous detonation” (2006), the last option appearing at number one on the Board 200. After over 10 years, he got back in the saddle with his 10th studio collection, “Annihilation Level Occasion 2: The Fury of God,” in 2020, which got basic approval.

Who is Busta Rhymes

Trevor George Smith Jr., additionally called Busta Rhymes, was brought into the world on May 20, 1972. All through the long haul, he has worn many covers in news sources, prevailing as a rapper, singer, entertainer, record producer, record boss, and performer. 

Busta Rhymes transformed into an unquestionable figure in hip-bounce, known for his amazing style and high-energy presentations. 

His stage name was given to him by Fling D of Public Enemy, moved by the prestigious football player George “Buster” Rhymes. This name has become indivisible from Busta’s enthusiastic persona and vital work in music and redirection.

Busta Rhymes Bio

Trevor George Smith Jr., broadly perceived as Busta Rhymes, is an American rapper, record maker, and entertainer. His companion Hurl D of Public Foe gave him the stage name, roused by NFL collector George “Buster” Rhymes, and it has become famous around the world.

Busta Rhymes has transparently shared that his life as a youngster was testing, yet he saw right off the bat that he should have been not entirely settled to defeat these snags. 

Attracted to the universe of rap, he sought after it with constant energy and enthusiasm. Throughout the long term, he has moved to the zenith of his profession, winning various honors and being named one of About.com’s 50 Biggest MCs Within recent memory (1987-2007).

Busta Rhymes Education

Busta Rhymes, the acclaimed rapper and entertainer, spent his early stages in Lengthy Island, New York, and went to Uniondale Secondary School in Uniondale. Conceived Trevor George Smith Jr., his enthusiasm for music started to prosper during his time at Uniondale High.

The school gave a pivotal scenery to his initial creative development, supporting his affection for hip-bounce and making way for his future achievement. 

The encounters and impacts he experienced there altogether formed his way of life as a craftsman, affecting the two his melodious style and his grip of the social scene that would later defi

Busta Rhymes Age

In May 2024, Busta Rhymes celebrated his 52nd birthday. This achievement is a demonstration of his impact in the music business, where he has gone through many years spellbinding crowds with his fast fire melodious style and vigorous exhibitions. 

His excursion from a youthful music fan in Lengthy Island to a worldwide eminent rapper and entertainer is set apart by persistent devotion and strength.

Indeed, even as he enters his fifties, Busta Rhymes keeps on making a permanent imprint on hip-bounce, motivating new ages of craftsmen and fans with his imaginative commitments and steady energy for the fine art.

Busta Rhymes Height

Remaining at a great 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters), Busta Rhymes oozes a directing presence both on and off the stage. His transcending height upgrades his dynamic exhibitions, intensifying his charming allure as a craftsman. 

This actual presence supplements his high-energy style, making his persona significantly really convincing in the realm of music and diversion. 

Whether he’s overwhelming the receiver or charming crowds on the big screen, Busta Rhymes’ level is a critical part of his amazing presence and evident appeal, contributing essentially to his attractive and unquestionable character.

Busta Rhymes Personal life

Busta Rhymes is a father to six young people, brought into the world some place in the scope of 1993 and 2006. Despite his everyday life, he is a person from The Five-Percent Country, a social improvement that expresses feelings about the beginning stages of humanity.

One of the social occasion’s questionable illustrations is that white people were misleadingly made quite a while ago by a radical dim scientist named Yakub. 

This association adds another layer to the unpredictability of Busta Rhymes’ own and philosophical viewpoints, reflecting the unique and multifaceted pieces of his personality past his public persona as a prominent rapper and entertainer.

Busta Rhymes Family

Past his significant achievements in music and redirection, Busta Rhymes is significantly committed to his occupation as a father. As a devoted Muslim, family holds a remarkable spot in his heart. He has four children: three kids — T’Ziah (brought into the world in 1993), T’Khi (brought into the world in 1999), and Trillian (brought into the world in 2001) — and a young lady, Mariah (brought into the world in 1998).

Busta regularly shares minutes from his day to day existence by means of virtual diversion, conveying his critical love and pride for his adolescents. 

Despite the hot solicitations of his calling, he remains focused on being a present and consistent father, conferring huge characteristics and illustrations as his young people cut out their own particular manners all through day to day existence.

Busta Rhymes Career

Busta Rhymes sent off his melodic profession in 1989 close by Charlie Brown, becoming key individuals from the famous hip-bounce bunch Public Adversary. Joining this gathering was a critical achievement for Busta, and they delivered their most memorable collection, “A Future Without Past,” in 1991. 

The collection’s business achievement pushed his vocation forward, permitting him to team up with other renowned specialists and earn overall respect for his music. In 1996, Busta delivered his presentation solo collection, “The Coming,” which incorporated the hit single “Charm Hah!! Got All of you Under wraps.”

Throughout the long term, he kept on creating effective tracks, for example, “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” “What’s It Going to Be,” “Take a gander at Me Now,” and “Don’t Cha.” As of June 2024, Busta Rhymes’ total assets remains at $20 million, mirroring his getting through effect and outcome in the music business.

Busta Rhymes Relationship

All through his profession, Busta Rhymes has been related with a few accomplices, with his heartfelt life at times drawing in open consideration. Eminent connections incorporate those with Joanne Wood, Rhonda Randall, and Jill Miskelly. 

While parts of these connections have surfaced in articles and meetings, Busta has to a great extent stayed quiet about his own life, liking to keep the focus on his music and acting vocation.

Regardless of intermittent experiences into his heartfelt history, Busta Rhymes is fundamentally celebrated for his critical commitments to hip-bounce and diversion.


  • Real Name: Trevor George Smith Jr.
  • Stage Name: Busta Rhymes
  • Birth Date: May 20, 1972
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters)
  • Career Start: Late 1980s with Leaders of the New School
  • Debut Solo Album: “The Coming” (1996)
  • Notable Hits: “Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check,” “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” “What’s It Gonna Be?” featuring Janet Jackson
  • Awards: 11 Grammy nominations, multiple other awards
  • Education: Uniondale High School, Uniondale, New York
  • Family: Father to six children – T’Ziah (born 1993), T’Khi (born 1999), Trillian (born 2001), and Mariah (born 1998)
  • Affiliations: Member of The Five-Percent Nation
  • Notable Relationships: Joanne Wood, Rhonda Randall, Jill Miskelly


Busta Rhymes, conceived Trevor George Smith Jr., is a diverse craftsman known for his impact in hip-jump. Ascending to unmistakable quality in the last part of the 1980s, he at first acquired consideration with the gathering Heads of the New School. His performance vocation took off with the arrival of “The Coming” in 1996, which incorporated the hit “Charm Hah!! Got All of you In line.” Throughout the long term, he delivered a few effective collections and teamed up with numerous unmistakable craftsmenBusta Rhymes’ profession is set apart by his unmistakable fast fire rapping and high-energy music recordings. He has reliably caused disturbances in the music business, with collections like “When Everything Goes horribly wrong… ” (1997) and “E.L.E. (Eradication Level Occasion): The Last World Front” (1998) solidifying his inheritance. His work reaches out past music into acting and record creationNotwithstanding his bustling vocation, Busta Rhymes stays a dedicated dad and a passionate Muslim, putting critical significance on his family and confidence. He shares looks at his own life via online entertainment, exhibiting his devotion to his kids.


What is Busta Rhymes’ net worth?

As of June 2024, Busta Rhymes’ net worth is approximately $20 million.

What is Busta Rhymes’ real name?

His real name is Trevor George Smith Jr.

When did Busta Rhymes start his career?

He began his career in the late 1980s with the group Leaders of the New School.

What was Busta Rhymes’ debut solo album?

His debut solo album was “The Coming,” released in 1996.

How tall is Busta Rhymes?

Busta Rhymes is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) tall.

How many children does Busta Rhymes have?

He has six children: T’Ziah, T’Khi, Trillian, and Mariah.

What are some of Busta Rhymes’ notable hits?

Some of his notable hits include “Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check,” “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” and “What’s It Gonna Be?” featuring Janet Jackson.

What group was Busta Rhymes a part of before his solo career?

He was a member of the East Coast hip-hop group Leaders of the New School.

What are some of Busta Rhymes’ career achievements?

He has received 11 Grammy nominations and has been named one of About.com’s 50 Greatest MCs of Our Time (1987-2007).

Is Busta Rhymes involved in any cultural or religious movements?

Yes, he is a member of The Five-Percent Nation.

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