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Amy Sherrill: Early Life, Parents, Education, Profession, Married Life, Husband, Children, Divorce, Net Worth and Many More

Once the wife of NBA great Tim Duncan, Amy Sherrill is a bit of a mystery. She cherishes her privacy and doesn’t provide anything about her upbringing or work history. Sydney and Draven are the couple’s two children, and they lived together for more than ten years, from 2001 to 2013.

Amy’s choice to avoid social media and the spotlight is what makes her even more intriguing. She would rather live in solitude, out of the spotlight, than pursue celebrity. Even though Amy is married to a basketball legend, she prefers to live a secret life, which gives her narrative a sense of mystery. 

Early Life and Education

In the center of North Carolina, USA, on January 22, 1988, Amy Sherrill’s narrative got underway. She was raised in a caring and encouraging environment by her parents, Fred and Judy Sherrill, who were her entire world.

At a neighboring private school in her hometown, she started her academic career and laid the foundation for her future. Later, in order to attend Wake Forest University, Amy moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. There, she supported her school’s team outside of the classroom, bringing zest to campus life.

Her love of studying and teaching was stoked when she attended Southwest Texas State University and graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education.

Even though Amy has a stellar academic record, she prefers to keep the specifics of her early life and experiences a secret, which lends her compelling story a sense of mystery.

Profile Information

Full NameAmy Sherrill
Famous AsFormer Spouse of Tim Duncan
Birth DateJanuary 22, 1988
BirthplaceNorth Carolina, USA
Age36 years
Zodiac SignAquarius
ParentsFred Sherrill (Father), Judy Sherrill (Mother)
SiblingsNone (Only Child)
High SchoolLocal Private School in NC
UniversityWake Forest University
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Shoe SizeUndisclosed
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Marital StatusDivorced
ChildrenSydney and Draven (Two children)
Social MediaNone

Amy Sherrill Profession

Amy Sherrill became well-known as the ex-wife of basketball legend Tim Duncan. She was crucial to the management of the Tim Duncan Foundation throughout their marriage, where she devoted her time to fund-raising for significant charity projects.

Even outside of her work with the charity, Amy is a gifted person. As the President of The Benefield Richters Company, an architecture and planning business tucked away in Downtown Knoxville, she has the title of certified architect. Her love of architecture and design is evident in the creativity and vision she gives to each project.

Apart from her architectural endeavors, Amy has been a skilled teacher for more than 16 years. In Wimberley, where she teaches social studies, language arts, and reading, she has positively impacted the lives of her pupils. Her devotion to educating others is a reflection of her desire to mold young minds and provide the future generation of leaders.

Physical Appearance

Amy Sherrill has gorgeous golden hair that accentuates her pale skin tone well. She exudes grace and confidence despite her height of 168 cm, or 5 feet 6 inches. Her blond hair is exquisitely framed by her dark brown eyes, which only serve to heighten her alluring attractiveness. Amy keeps a certain amount of privacy despite having gorgeous looks; she would rather not provide specific measurements that go beyond her height.

Amy Sherrill Parents

Growing up, Amy Sherrill was the only child of Fred and Judy Sherrill. She was the only object of her parents’ affection and care because she had no brothers or sisters. Amy was raised by her close-knit family, who provided her with love and support even if she didn’t have siblings.

Fred Sherrill

Amy Sherrill was born in 1977 in North Carolina, and her father, Fred Sherrill, is from that state. Though not much is known about his professional background, it is evident that he takes great satisfaction in being Amy’s father. Amy was his only child, and he and his wife Judy Sherrill reared her with love and attention. Amy’s path brought her to Wake Forest University, where she made her parents happy at every turn by pursuing her academic goals and enthusiastically supporting the school team.

Judy Sherrill

Although Judy Sherrill is Amy Sherrill’s mother, little information about her professional background can be found on the internet. Judy is a loving mother to Amy, even though not much is known about her career. Judy and her husband, Fred Sherrill, reared Amy with love and attention, placing a high value on family. The focus is frequently on Amy’s personal life, particularly her relationship with Tim Duncan, but Judy and Fred’s steadfast support for their daughter—their only child—is at the center of everything.

Amy Sherrill Married Life

The relationship between Amy Sherrill and Tim Duncan started when they were Wake Forest University students. After initially running into one other as students, they began dating in 1992. Amy supported Tim throughout his NBA basketball career, determined to see their love through the obstacles and distance.

As their relationship grew over time, they were married on July 21, 2001. They had two lovely children throughout their twelve-year marriage: Sydney, who was born on June 27, 2005, and Draven, who was born on August 3, 2007.

Amy and Tim eventually made the decision to split up, and they legally divorced in 2013 despite their happy family life and their experience as a pair. 

Her husband: Tim Duncan

Timothy Duncan, better known by his stage name Tim Duncan, is not only an incredible basketball player but also a loving parent who gives back to the community. On April 25, 1976, he was born in Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands. Ione and William Duncan, his parents, were Anguillan natives.

In addition to being a basketball player, Tim founded the Tim Duncan Foundation. This charity provides support for youth sports, education, and health. Tim wed Amy Sherrill in 2001, and the two of them had two children. Regretfully, in 2013 they divorced.

Quill is the daughter of Tim and Vanessa Macias, who he later fell in love with again. Thus, Tim’s life is about more than simply hoops; it’s about his family and improving society.

Amy Sherrill’s Children

As was previously noted, Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill enjoy being parents to their two darling kids, Sydney and Draven. Their parents are incredibly happy and loving because of Sydney, who was born on June 27, 2005, and Draven, who was born on August 3, 2007. They have a deep link with Tim and Amy as well as with one another, creating a lovely and significant family connection. 

Amy Sherrill Divorce

Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill chose to split after twelve years of marriage, and their divorce was formalized in 2013. Amy was the one who started the divorce process. Their dedication to co-parenting Sydney and Draven, their two children, did not falter even after their love relationship ended.

Tim continued to be the head of the Tim Duncan Foundation, staying faithful to his charitable pursuits off the basketball floor. His commitment to improving the neighborhood by promoting health awareness, education, and youth sports activities never wavered.

Even though they were going through personal struggles, Amy and Tim still put their kids’ needs first and treated each other with dignity.

Amy Sherrill’s Current Marital Status

In contrast to Tim, who is getting ready to tie the wedding with his fiancé, Vanessa Macias, Amy, who was formerly married to the well-known NBA player, is thought to remain unmarried and has not remarried. 

Tim and Amy Duncan seemed to have had many happy years together before rumors and charges of adultery started to circulate, upsetting their marriage. Despite their difficulties, it appears that Amy and Tim are happy that they parted ways. Their lives have progressed, with an emphasis on fresh experiences and chances.

Amy Shrill Net Worth

There is conjecture around Amy Sherrill’s net worth, whose estimates range from $1 million to $100 million, depending on the source. Her career pursuits and the settlement from her divorce from the well-known former NBA star Tim Duncan are the sources of her riches.


Early Life: Amy Sherrill was born on January 22, 1988, in North Carolina, USA. She was raised by her parents, Fred and Judy Sherrill, as their only child.

Education: Amy attended a local private school for her primary education and later enrolled at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She also studied at Southwest Texas State University, earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education.

Marriage and Family: Amy married NBA star Tim Duncan on July 21, 2001. They have two children together, Sydney and Draven, born in 2005 and 2007, respectively. The couple divorced in 2013 after twelve years of marriage.

Professional Life: Amy played a significant role in managing the Tim Duncan Foundation during her marriage to Tim. Additionally, she is a certified architect and the President of The Benefield Richters Company, an architecture and planning firm. Amy also has over 16 years of experience as a teacher, specializing in social studies, language arts, and reading.

Personal Life: Amy is known for her preference for privacy, avoiding social media and the public spotlight. Despite being married to a basketball legend, she has chosen to lead a private life away from the celebrity scene.


A combination of personal and professional accomplishments define Amy Sherrill’s life narrative. Her early years, schooling, marriage to Tim Duncan, and career pursuits all play a part. Despite being associated with a well-known individual, Amy cherishes her privacy and has made the decision to withhold most information about her personal life from the public.


What is Amy Sherrill’s net worth?

Estimates of Amy Sherrill’s net worth vary, ranging from $1 million to $100 million. Her wealth is derived from her professional endeavors and her divorce settlement with Tim Duncan.

What is Amy Sherrill’s educational background?

Amy attended Wake Forest University and Southwest Texas State University, where she earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education, respectively.

How many children does Amy Sherrill have?

Amy has two children with Tim Duncan: Sydney and Draven, born in 2005 and 2007, respectively.

What is Amy Sherrill’s profession?

Amy is a certified architect and serves as the President of The Benefield Richters Company, an architecture and planning firm. She also has over 16 years of experience as a teacher.

Is Amy Sherrill active on social media?

No, Amy Sherrill prefers to maintain a low profile and is not active on social media platforms.

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